Henschel Turret Vs Porsche Turret

Henschel Turret Vs Porsche Turret. This version has come to be known as the Henschel turret despite both designs being produced solely by Krupp. Turret rings modified so the H version lower parts shielding the turret ring which was esposed on the early type.

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Porsches tracks were not narrow but were different than the Henschel tank and were more complicated. Both turrets were not interchangeable without modifications due to different turret connectors. The Porsche turret frontal armor was 100mm thick and 80mm on the side panels and it mounted the 88mm Type 43 L71 high velocity main gun capable of penetrating 152mm thick armor plate from a distance of 2000 meters.

This initial turret design has since been known somewhat incorrectly as the Porsche turret and was used for the first 50 King Tigers after which Krupp designed a more simplified production turret which also removed the shot trap.

Porsche tanks could have large curved metal covers on the exhaust similar to the Tiger I or King Tiger Porsche turret prototypes. The first 50 models had the one designed by the Porsche project and the remainder would see the Henschel turret fitted. The Porsche designed turret had a very distinctive shape with a rounded front section and narrow waist when compared to the Henschel version. The Königstiger Porsche is Fully-tracked and has Front Armour 14 Side 8.