Gt Sport Porsche 961

Gt Sport Porsche 961. Sports car based on the Porsche 962 race car. As early as 1983 Porsche was modelling different shapes for the 961 race car for possible inclusion into Group B racing.

961 Porsche S Forgotten Jewel Porsche Road Race
961 Porsche S Forgotten Jewel Porsche Road Race from

Dauer 962 Le Mans. While the 959 rallye car was also internally called 961 publically only the circuit racer was called 961. There is one person who could give a unique insight into the Porsche 961 the man who raced it on two of the three occasions it took to the track in anger and was at the wheel when all Porsches hopes and aspirations for the car went up in smoke.

Only one 961 was built.

The other cars included are a pair of 2016 Audi R18s the 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GTP and the 1986 Porsche 961. Porsche 961 racer driven. 1986 Porsche 961 Porsches 959 supercar included a racing program with this spectacular 961 which placed 7th overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 961 racer from the 80s was modeled after Porsches 959 sports car but the newest rendition is rumored to be a V8-powered flagship car that takes after the Porsche.